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Dr Hicks is currently accepting private practice appointments and referrals for inpatient admissions to Belmont Private Hospital. To arrange an appointment or referral, please contact her consulting suites by phoning (07) 3843 5430 or faxing (07) 3843 5460. Alternately, please call Belmont Private Hospital’s Admissions and Assessment team on 1800 700 274.

Liaising with Health Professionals

Dr Hicks is very happy to meet with general practices and other health professionals to gain a better understanding of how their practice works and to discuss services and supports that she may be able to provide to their patients.

Dr Hicks is always willing to speak with other health professionals over the telephone about any concerns they have regarding shared patients. Please inform her secretary if the matter is urgent so that your call can be prioritised. It is helpful to leave an afterhours contact number as clinical commitments may occasionally result in return phonecalls after hours.

geriatric psychiatry
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