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Cancer affects more than just the body and coming to terms with a cancer diagnosis can be a stressful time. During this time you and your family may experience significant emotional, social and psychological changes.

For patients:

Many cancer patients experience psychiatric morbidity in association with diagnosis and treatment. Common issues include depression, anxiety, cognitive problems, sleep disturbance, fatigue and worsening of pre-existing psychiatric difficulties.

For caregivers: 

Family caregivers play an important role in the management of cancer. The caregiver role involves many challenges, both practical and emotional. Many caregivers are often so concerned with caring for their loves ones needs that they lose sight of their own well-being. Fatigue, social isolation, depression and grief are common within caregivers and should be assessed for and managed.

Dr Hicks is experienced in working with people with cancer and their families; supporting them through all stages of the cancer experience from diagnosis, through treatment, survivorship and advanced disease.

Supports available:

  • Managing depression, anxiety and adjustment to cancer diagnosis

  • Managing sleep disturbance and fatigue

  • Dealing with body image and sexuality concerns

  • Caregiver support and management of carer distress

  • Assisting parents in talking to children about cancer

  • Transition to survivorship phase of the cancer journey and fear of recurrence

  • Support for patients and loved ones during palliative care/ end of life issues.

  • Carer support during bereavement


Dr Kim Hicks - Brisbane Psychiatrist
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